Five-day cruise

First day: departure from Varna, mouth of the river Kamchia, Byala, Obzor, cape Emine, Elenite, Saint Vlas, Marina Dinevi - overnight.
Second day: departure from Marina Dinevi, Pomorie, panoramic tour of Bourgas Bay, Kraimorie, island St. Anastasia, Chernomorec, st. Ivan Island, Sozopol - Consideration of the city and accommodation
Third day: departure from Sozopol, Duni, the mouth of Ropotamo river, Cape Maslen, Island St. Thomas, Primorsko - accommodation
Fourth day: departure from the Primorsko, Nessebar - sightseeing, Sunny Beach, St. Vlas, Marina Dinevi - overnight.
Fifth day: departure from Marina Dinevi, Varna

Яхти, които извършват круиза: