Yacht tourism - a new experience


Yacht tourism is a new service for Bulgaria, which is increasingly gaining popularity. The natural resources of the country justify this increased interest. The beauty of the Bulgarian coast, long golden beaches with sand, brightness resort complexes offer a wide range of oportunities for recreation for everyone. To float on the sea lanes under tightened, to hear how the keel pours the waves and chasing clouds is a dreaming way to rest for more people. We offer rental of yachts - for several hours, days, weeks or even months. We offer yachts with varying degrees of comfort, which can be supplemented with professional crew, including chef, Stuart, etc. At the same boat may have a different cabin classes with varying degrees of comfort and price range is broad enough to to be able to find a boat suitable for his desires and opportunities.
What are our yachts? They may be compared as a luxery minihotels in a water. They are complete with everything needed for the recreation of tourists to which is added the condition of full freedom and autonomy. They have a comfortable lounge, which can deploy all participants in the trip and several cabin with individual bathroom
For tourists is not without significance that practically all their leisure passes in the open, so the deck is designed so that it can provide maximum comfort and security.

To our species Charters:
Bare-boat (boat only)
This is the simplest type of charter, which employs only boat without a professional crew, so that tourists themselves to manage. It is to demonstrate the ability to manage such marine vessels. Despite the absence of crew yachts are equipped with everything necessary for its time. They have the means to link to emergency signaling devices and rescue others. They are fully loaded with fuel and water and can offer additional opportunities to provide food. Charter routes may be the most diverse.

Crewed charter (yacht with crew)
This is another type of charter that we offer. This is the option to rent a yacht with a professional crew. So you can fully enjoy the break and manage boat only when and if you wish. The crew usually consists of a captain and one or two seaman, according to the boat. You may be offered and the services of Stuart.

Bare-boat skipper guide (with boat skipper)
Charter in which your only boat skipper and accompanying you. Under this option, you will be able to manage the boat, following the guidelines of the master. We can offer you an option for several yachts, of which only the flag has a professional skipper. This allows you to perform even a regatta between yachts.