Why Bulgaria - information about Bulgaria

1. Unique nature! Bulgaria is a piece of heaven, combining the incredible beauty of the azure, warm sea and the magnificent peaks of the mountains covered with snow caps. Bulgarian land is generously endowed by nature with exceptional diversity of landscape, mild, moderate continental climate, suitable for recreation year-round, rich in flora and fauna, having many mineral springs. Beautiful mountains, valleys, forests, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, sea - you can find anything you want.

2. Location - it is in a distance of 1-2 hours by plane from all European countries; you can travel across the whole country by car.

3. About the climate - the climate in Bulgaria is moderate. Here are rarely observed large cold spells or swelters. One can fully enjoy the nature at its most beautiful and pleasant appearance. The lush greens in spring, soft sun rays in summer and warm pastel colors in autumn and of course the mild but snowy winter make Bulgaria a preferred destination in any season.

4. The sea! Quiet, calm, warm sea. Long beaches with incredible sand. Along the Black Sea coast alternate large sand beaches and picturesque rocky shores. They are one of the major tourist attractions. Because of the heavy flow of river water, the water in Black Sea is less salty (17,3 ‰), than in the Mediterranean Sea and the World Ocean, which have salinity about 36 ‰. For that reason it is very pleasant for swimming. Pure water in a sea blue to aquamarine, and near the coast (due the presence of sediments) - most often green. Transparency of the sea water reaches 30 m and near the coast up to 7-8 m. During the summer months sea water along the coast gets up to 24-26 ° C warm. An interesting feature of the Black Sea is the presence of sulphuretted hydrogen in concentration of 11-14 ml / l at depths of 120-150 m to the bottom, which makes the existence of living creatures impossible below that limit, exept for some anaerobic bacteria. According to a theory held by a group of geologists, from the region of the Black Sea comes the biblical parable of Noah and the flood. Scientists believe it was a freshwater lake just about 7 - 8 thousand years ago. At the time, the surface was about 100 - 120 meters below the Mediterranean. As a result from the melt of the the glaciers and the movement of continental plates Bosphorus has occured and waters of the Mediterranean began to enter the Black Sea disastrously quickly. It is believed that the level of water was increasing at a rate of 7 to 14 meters per day. We can only imagine how paniced were the people at that time. As they were fleeing from the water they left out furniture, buildings and cities. Traces of former life of these people are expected to be found at a depth of 100 - 120 meters. As there are no records of any other such apocalyptic marine disaster, many researchers believe that this was the beginnig of the legend of the biblical flood and Noah's ark. In 2002  the  famous American professor Robert Ballard, who has found the sunk in 1912 ship Titanic, gets in touch with professor Dimitrov. Shortly afterwards, the American scientist arrives in Bulgaria and together with his team finds a vessel containing Amphoras from 4 c. AC etc. at 73 m depth. This is the oldest ship found in the Black Sea coast, and it is found along the Bulgarian coast near Cape Kaliakra. Professor Ballard is amazed from the way everything is preserved in Black Sea. At depth above 200 m there's almost no form of life in the sea, the concentration of the sulphoretted hydrogen is too high to allow oxygen penetration and that is how the wood and ropes are protected from the process of decay. So far, few ships have been found at depths over 30 - 40 meters -  professional divers say it's difficult to go so deep, so new discoveries completely preserved are about to be found.
5. Mountains - the southern part of Bulgaria is mainly mountainous .. Beauty, diversity of the Bulgarian mountains, its availability in all seasons attract many foreign tourists. In the Bulgarian mountains one can find many unique sites and beautiful places. There can be seen virgin nature as well as heritage of world significance.

6. Bulgaria can offer mountain ski resorts, balneology resorts with valuable healing mineral springs, SPA centres, modern beach SPA-hotels in Albena, Golden Sands, Sunny Beach and other places.

7. Bulgaria is an ancient country with rich history and culture. Situated at the important crossroad between Europe and Asia, tour lands are populated from ancient times. All the nations, lived in this land - Thracians, Slavs, Bulgarians, left its imprint in the world cultural treasure. There are numerous historical and architectural sites to be seen: Varna necropolis (4000 g.pr.Hr), where the oldest processed gold in the world is found, Thracian tombs and temples with gold treasures of world appreciation, Panagyurishte treasure of gold, numerous Greek, Roman and Byzantine monuments of antiquity, architectural and historical sites and parks, Pliska, Preslav, Tarnovo, Koprivshtitsa, Zheravna, Melnik and many others.

8. Attractive facilities for entertainment, bars, discos, casinos, etc., restaurants with delicious dishes representing traditional Bulgarian cuisine as well as the best of European and Asian cuisine.